Downsizing score: Astier de Villatte

A friend of mine was moving from a humble but practical apartment to a grand one with a lot less storage. So just before, she called me. “I have to move. Can you buy my Astier de Villatte? It’s perfect for a country house.”

 Well, deals on that stuff come up just about never so, okay. I bought it, sight unseen, on the word of a friend with exquisite taste. She lives in very central Paris, no parking, so one afternoon I pulled over where she was waiting curbside on her one – lane street. We tossed everything into the trunk. She patted Jacques on the head and off I went to the house.

That’s it, end of story, until today, about 8 months later. Today I was finally able to unpack the stuff. It’s a lot. What was presented as a sort of dessert service for four, plus a couple of things, is actually way more than would fit in this drawer. It feels more like a housewarming present than a purchase, which I guess is why I’m showing it to you.  How very nice of her to think of me.

5 thoughts on “Downsizing score: Astier de Villatte

    1. No kidding. I can see why she went for the new apartment, though. First of all, she had to leave the old one — owner move-in. Second, what the new one lacks in kitchen, storage, bathroom, bedroom, it makes up for with a living room that is spectacular. It has three-meter high columns, two of them, and ceiling coving to match. Opposite the columns is a huge window opening to one of Paris’s more fashionable streets. Her furniture is arranged around a massive marble fireplace. In a way it is the epitome of Paris apartments: utterly charming and utterly impractical.

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    1. It’s pretty foo-foo stuff, even by French standards. You have probably seen it in photo shoots, pretending to be antique. They claim it is microwave and dishwasher safe. We shall see. I like it but I am way too cheap to pay their retail and it basically never goes on sale. So for me this is a kind of windfall.

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