Fool for France

Okay. It is Thursday and I am going to show you three things. But, note to the originator of this feature, this is a one-off, honest! 

As we are getting moved in, I couldn’t help but notice how many pieces I have bought from one local company, Couleurs & Co. Some time ago Parisians who were tired of Normandy started summering on the Ile de Ré, which is not far from here. A style developed that was deliberately anti-Saint Tropez, sort of a French Martha’s Vineyard or shabby chic. This guy, Mathieu, has had a lot to do with the development of that style. Maybe it is elsewhere, too, I don’t know. Since work on this house started, I haven’t gotten out much. You will see his pieces in a few shops on the island but I have the good fortune to have his workshop located right near here. There is not usually much color involved but his stuff is great for a vacation house. I find myself putting it everywhere except the principal rooms.

This is my favorite. Mathieu took an original pair of windows from my house and made this wardrobe.

This is the most practical, by far. Mathieu probably just found it at some sort of sale, cleaned it up, marked it up and made my utility room a whole lot more useful.

And finally, here is a shot of my attic, featuring a shelving unit Mathieu found or made. It makes a great light-duty kitchen island.

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  1. Gill does indeed own the Thursday three feature but it is a great tribute to her great blog that you have pinched the idea for a one-off … after all imitation is the finest flattery, they say. As for your pieces …. all fabulous – I like this upcycling Matthieu very much indeed 🙂


    1. He’s good. He’s a nice guy, too, as are his wife and children. And buying directly from him saves a bundle. Plus I get better pieces. The Ile de Ré was pretty picked over.

      Gill has a finely curated Thursday Three, no question. And though I generally agree with the maxim that it is okay to steal, simply because it is impossible, I have to face it. I just don’t have the patience to sift through all those images to come up with just the very ones. I think my own house will get to be same old, same old, now that we are wrapping things up. I need a fresh direction but that won’t be it.

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      1. I promised you a while ago that I would give some thought to a new title for your blog …. the travel, the French and otherwiseness, the you and the dog. Now that I am here for a while, I will throw what I can your way. Remind me if I have all the elements in that precis or if I’ve missed any (for instance I know that you are an Architect and I know California figures as well as France and I think Holland did but I might be hallucinating) I only cover my house renovating occasionally and the same goes for our house search. I also have series on doing a house in Massachusetts to figure and other bits. I prefer to be a bit discursive in approach but that might not suit you?


        1. No worries. I don’t focus very well. That can be trouble in blogland, where you want to be a food blog, a photo blog, a mommy blog, something specific. So I don’t know. It might take a few glasses of wine and a few long talks to figure something out.

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