French Country

My life in France is not what I expected.

Victory lap suspended


You see before you my kitchen, just a couple of hours before my guests appeared. You see workers, actually a couple of very talented craftsmen, but do you see drawers, shelves, a faucet, much of the other normal apparatus of a working cooking area? No you do not, though you do see a bit of an unpacking and building frenzy. You also see a woodbutcher throwback, oak countertops. Why would that be? Well, my nice but hopelessly disorganized contractor did not contact the marble/Silestone guy in time to order anything different. I’ll stop there.

So, sorry, no photos because there was not time, what with all the last-minute bed making, picture hanging, furniture moving and, finally, kitchen stocking. The house does look quite nice and soon will look better. The victory lap will resume in two weeks.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

8 thoughts on “Victory lap suspended

    • Thanks. I think about half my blog buddies are native-English-speaking women of a certain age who are fixing up old houses in France. Another huge chunk are, for better or worse, living in those houses. We make up a peculiar support group, more education than sense, constantly telling ourselves that we are not overwhelmed, not going broke, really, it is or will be Just Fine. And you know what? I really believe that.

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  1. I think a victory lap is still pefectly acceptable; you need only reread a few of your older posts to confirm this stance.

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  2. Most of all have a fabulous time with your friends, that’s what life is about, friendship and summer, they go hand in hand. x

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  3. Hey, the fat lady may not have sung but she soon will be. I declare a victory dance in full order 🙂

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