Victory lap suspended

You see before you my kitchen, just a couple of hours before my guests appeared. You see workers, actually a couple of very talented craftsmen, but do you see drawers, shelves, a faucet, much of the other normal apparatus of a working cooking area? No you do not, though you do see a bit of an unpacking and building frenzy. You also see a woodbutcher throwback, oak countertops. Why would that be? Well, my nice but hopelessly disorganized contractor did not contact the marble/Silestone guy in time to order anything different. I’ll stop there.

So, sorry, no photos because there was not time, what with all the last-minute bed making, picture hanging, furniture moving and, finally, kitchen stocking. The house does look quite nice and soon will look better. The victory lap will resume in two weeks.

8 thoughts on “Victory lap suspended

    1. Thanks. I think about half my blog buddies are native-English-speaking women of a certain age who are fixing up old houses in France. Another huge chunk are, for better or worse, living in those houses. We make up a peculiar support group, more education than sense, constantly telling ourselves that we are not overwhelmed, not going broke, really, it is or will be Just Fine. And you know what? I really believe that.

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