Peaceable Kingdom

If you have much interest at all in American folk art you are likely to be familiar with the painter Edward Hicks and his Peaceable Kingdom series of paintings. They show a little slice of heaven: lush foliage, lions and lambs happy together, a whole universe about as far from today’s crazy world as one can get.

With the guests gone, the contractors gone for the day and my furniture finally escaping from padded boxes, my own small-caps peaceable kingdom is finally emerging.

This is the view from my dining table. You see a Turkish copper bowl atop an Italian slate-topped table. The Moser Shaker-inspired chairs, made in Vermont, are just in front of my English contractor’s reproduction of French windows. In the garden are a wind chime from Germany next to a picnic table and chairs from Leclerc, of all places, which probably means from China. The morning is as quiet and calm as it appears to be.

Let’s hope it’s catching.

11 thoughts on “Peaceable Kingdom

  1. I love Edward Hicks. The example shown in his Peaceable Kingdom pictures and in your beautiful tranquil garden scene needs to be contagious. Thank you for letting us peek through your window …. the calm certainly caught me!

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      1. I see from these little glimpses you favour us with that you have eclectic tastes. That’s reassuring, so many French fixer uppers seem to end up with exactly the same decor, in my experience.


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