Before and after

Above you see my house in California, halfway packed to go. Below, just a bit of the house here in France, maybe the most important bits.

My contractor was kind enough to send me a huge batch of “before” photos. I have some too, somewhere, but his are handy. I may do a series of images, Homes Under the Hammer style, of what I bought and what I have now. I fell in love with the house instantly, from the first photo sent while I was still in California. Looking at these “before” pictures now, it can be hard to see why. I think I made the right decision, though. Probably. I think. Yeah, probably.

5 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. Do it.
    To be frank, I though I had taken enough before photos, but I didn’t and I now regret it.
    We need these reminders to save our sanity- well I do anyway…………….


    1. I look at the photos and wonder what I was thinking. Of course then I just saw shabby finishes. I knew generally but didn’t fully realize what it would take to bring the house back. Really, it was just a big stone tent.

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      1. Good analogy.
        If I recall, you thought it was a lot of house for the money?

        I thought “how can you get something so old but structurally solid in this village in this area with gas central heating for a price you couldn’t even offer for a mobile home in the UK?

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        1. Well yes, it was kind of the opposite of sticker shock. Renovation costs will land at about triple the original estimates. In the background you will see me doing some serious financial tapdancing. When I’m done though I will have a house that in my part of Northern California would be completely out of my league. So there is that.


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