Jacques Report

An idle dog is the Devil’s workshop. Yesterday I got too busy to take Jacques for his daily walk, some 45 minutes to and from what passes in Paris for a dog park. It doesn’t tire him out but he gets a change of scene and a little socializing. It beats jumping around in front of the TV set. But I had work to do and plans for the evening, plus the weather is awful right now, so no walk. When I caught him chomping on my yarn, did I take the hint and move everything to a table? No, silly me, I just said “No, Jacques,” and went back to whatever. Then I went out.

Look what I came home to. My nice, eco-friendly bamboo knitting needle, chewed. It catches the yarn, now. I’ll try taping over the divot but I have a feeling it’s time for a new pair of needles. He didn’t touch the yarn again, all credit for that. Maybe it was because he sniffed the lasagna takeout container in the recycle bag, which he then ripped open. Poor thing. Even plastic tastes better than his kibble.

I could argue that the lesson is to take him to the park every day, rain or shine, snow, sleet, hail, etc., but really I think the lesson is, spend more time at the house.

8 thoughts on “Jacques Report

    1. It’s impossible to even get mad. From the very first day, when he came into the apartment, jumped onto my Poltrona Frau sofa and immediately threw up, I knew I was done for. Poor baby, I said, I should have covered the fabric. It has been that way ever since.


  1. What a little rascal! Our Bentley punishes me when I’m gone too much by laying next to my white sofa in the living room ( a decided no no when we are home!)


    1. They will do what it takes to get your attention. I actually like that about them. If I’m too busy to walk my dog — around the block would have been enough — I’m too busy. I figure a little reminder is fair enough. His alternative strategy, if I’m busy all day at my desk, say, is to dart in with one of my socks in his mouth. When he is sure he has been seen, he darts away. He is an absolute genius at keeping just out of my reach.


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