I can’t say I’m thrilled with Catania. From what I have seen it has all the seediness of Palermo with none of the charm. This hotel, though, I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. It’s old. Though generally well maintained it has aspects, like dodgy wifi and wood-look plastic flooring, that I’d really rather do without. Though it has quite a nice restaurant, their idea of a light meal is definitely not mine. But then they throw in these things that a new hotel would never dream of including.

Look what I found! Right next to an outdoor shower! An outdoor shower is one of those things that I didn’t appreciate until I took one. Now I’m hooked. It’s one of those cheap luxuries that everyone should have though in this case, it being quite open to the view, I think I’d keep my bathing suit on. And why is there an outdoor shower? Well you might ask.

It’s because they have a scuba school. Right here by the rocks! The chances for loss of life and limb are infinite but come on, in Sicily, who’s going to sue? You can even go out without the scuba school. That’s how unconcerned they are.

No lifeguard, no problem. But look how clear the water is. And though there is too little shaded seating for my taste, the pool is lovely. There is a warm breeze. I have been reading a book, which I am generally much too tense to do. After a couple of days of not much to do, not much to look forward to, apart from the novel that I’ll read after I finish the memoir, I might settle down enough to stop complaining.

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    1. No kidding. Actually this is the pause between the house and the garden — a long pause, while I scratch together some money. So of course the book I’m reading is Monty Don’s “A French Garden Journey.” He claims to do the work himself, at least in his own garden, but I doubt that very much. If he does, he can have a go at my garden, the next time he’s over here.


      1. Actually Monty has always come over as a genuine guy, apart from the innate sense of privilege he emanates from his upper class background ( ooh, there goes the rebellious , confrontational 70’s student voice buried somewhere in this boring, lardy old lady)


        1. He does, yes, both genuine and privileged, like George Orwell but with pruning shears and without the slightest interest in politics. Oh, and with an on-call dog groomer. I’d love it if, every time I pulled out a camera, Jacques were that tidy. Come to think of it, Monty has a camera crew, too. Hmm.

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