Jacques Report

This morning, as I was trying to decide whether to get coffee or just sleep a bit longer, Jacques was alert. Okay, when is he not alert, but this time he actually heard something, a scratching noise. Bless his brave little heart, he ran down to investigate. Five minutes of crazed barking later, I decided to go down, too. Realistically, what were my choices?

This was it, the whole thing. A loving mother rat with wings, oops, pigeon, tending her little brood. She must have figured out that she is safe behind that glass because she didn't move: not before I got there, not since. That said, I think she'll be glad we're gone.

13 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. Super little chap! Just set up one of those cameras on his head and link it to your `phone…then you can see whether it is worth getting out of bed.
    I can almost hear her muttering …`blasted squatters, `be glad when they move out…


    1. Actually, I love the birds, squatters though they may be. Jacques is the one. It’s lucky for the little critters that he hasn’t figured out how to finish them off. Yesterday afternoon, same thing, crazy nonstop barking, but out in front of the house. So I went out and found him standing right over some little black bird, probably on his maiden voyage. Jacques barking, the bird squealing, what a commotion. But this is the thing: the bird should have been dead by then, its little neck thoroughly wrung. At least he should have been squashed. My parents had spaniels. One day we found them playing catch with a neighbor’s runaway parakeet. The poor little guy was terrified but not a feather was out of place. Jacques, no, terrier that he is, he should have wrung that baby bird’s neck. I’m afraid he’s all show. Maybe that’s just as well.

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