Christmas already!

Sorry, I totally lost track of the time! Family came yesterday and will return next week. They all live out of town, so we shop online and mail gifts. I’m such a pagan. I paid no attention at all to when Christmas would actually get here but now the TV is bombarding me with “It’s tomorrow!” I guess it’s time to wish you all a happy whatever you celebrate, even if, like me, your celebration is really about the parties, another season with loved ones and blog buddies. Whichever category you are in, and of course some of you are in both, I’m glad you’re here. I wish you all the best for these short winter days and for the year to come.

8 thoughts on “Christmas already!

  1. What does Jacques think about a house full of people? I have dogs who like it and wish to mke friends…endlessly…and others who retire to bed in a sulk.
    Have a wonderful time…the shortest day has gone and things are now on the up.

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    1. He’s changing. He used to be completely social. Now he’s okay with lots of people and rather likes children, but he really likes being with just a few people and having a few routines. If he can be alone with me and have our routines, that’s the best of all. You’re close enough to the equator that you don’t see big changes in the length of day, do you? Of course we see big swings in the length of day. I get through them by reading Scandinavian mysteries. I’m working my way through Martin Beck right now. They make foul weather seem perfectly normal. Merry Christmas, Helen. Those Costa Rican beaches seem like a great idea, right now.

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      1. Not big changes…but enough to surprise us this afternoon, having coffee on the balcony and realising that it was still light at five thirty!
        I liked the Martn Beck series, not least because while in France in the winter it was clear that there were people suffering more than I was!
        The dogs have enjoyed or suffered a round of visitors before Christmas, but now we can settle down to being quiet again, until the New Year mayhem starts.

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  2. Enjoy the day. It is after all just a day but a day that we can make special or ghastly depending largely on our own expectations. I find the zen art of being a dog the best remedy for overthinking and giving myself headaches and heartaches when I get my knickers in a knot. So I am going to wish you a day of the dog …. one where you just enjoy the moment for what it is without bothering to think what the next moment might bring. And good luck with the Scandi-lit …. I have a slightly Dickensian relationship to the genre by which I mean I can watch it perfectly and love it on a screen but I struggle with the texts. My inner Viking (and I do have Norse heritage) exits stage right ever time! The Bean and I wish you a Happy festive season filled with joy, laughter, peace, content all in well-balanced measure.

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    1. Thank you so much. I hope you are enjoying the day as well. To be honest, I cheat a bit with the books. I buy them on Audible, then play them while I’m doing something boring like driving or cleaning house. Add to that my preference for the performances over the ones that are read by a single individual and it’s everything but the screen. I have a few unread actual books on the shelves, as well, so I know what you mean.


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