New Name

I couldn’t resist. I changed the name of the blog. I couldn’t stand the old one any more. Good thing I don’t have to think about branding.

French Country was only ever a placeholder name, trite, but all I could think of on the fly. When I started this I was not really thinking much at all, even less than now.

So here I am, in a country that, to be honest, I feel wildly ambivalent about. Some days it’s the best. Others I wonder what I was thinking. Oh yeah, I wasn’t thinking. So depending on the day, I could feel better about the new title or the new tag line, either one. For now, I think I’ll go with the idea that once you decide on something, you just go with it. Well, until you can’t stand it any more.

14 thoughts on “New Name

  1. Oh heck, we all would follow your stories no matter what the name of the blog although there is a strong pro-Jacques contingent, most of whom have four legs, who adamantly demand that he get fair billing. As long as you’re not Fooled by France, all is good!

    PS: I get first “like” on the new blog name! Yay! Send croissants!

    1. No way! Come collect them! Bring AJF and Max! So there. Speaking of which, the little white dog thing is a real deal. Yesterday I saw my optometrist. Yes, you can bring your dog with you to doctor’s appointments; this is a civilized country. He showed me a picture of his dog: a little white thing, a Coton de Tulear, whatever that is. Seriously, it’s a whole movement.

      1. A Coton is just an oversized Maltese impostor. Sometimes people think Max is a Coton because he, like me, is much bigger than breed standard. There’s an even bigger version, the Havanese, but Max will savage you if you call him that.

  2. Know how you feel about it….I came to the point where I couldn’t stand it any more and moved to the land of the plastic bag….but I had a lot of fun on the way to the decision.
    I second the call for fair billing for the white master….

    1. You will notice that in the new layout there is a skinny top banner with random photos, I think seven, of which I think two are of Jacques. Over time, don’t be surprised if all seven become photos of the little one: He who Must be Obeyed.

  3. Understanding the desire for something new… not sure I think you as a fool.

    But a rose (or a blog by any name filled with wonderful photos and art and interesting comments) is still great!


  4. Whatever you call your blog, to me you are forever Bizzy, and, for some reason, you resemble a fluffy white dog. (Long before she was famous, Ellen Degeneres did an ad about how dogs and their owners resembled each other…actually it was, I think, a phone ad, but somehow it involved dogs…and Ellen).
    I like the Van Gogh-ish Mont Saint Michel. Unless I’m wrong, which, considering my glasses date to 2011 and I can see about 5 inches away, is entirely possible.

    1. Yes, that’s Mont Saint Michel. I have an app that converts your photos to drawings or paintings, or at least their digital equivalents. It was a pretty ordinary photo until the app got hold of it. And yes, I’m busy Bizzy. No rest for the wicked. As usual, I’m excited about what’s coming up.

    1. The variations are endless. Fooled by France, Fool with France, etc. I’m actually fine with all of them. There is a level of truth in all of them, too.

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