It’s Too Cold!

Too Cold, I say. We thought we’d escape it by going to the Guler Museum, intended to celebrate the work of Magnum photographer Ara Güler. It is the centrepiece of a sort of arts complex that is being developed in a gentrifying section of central Istanbul. It is all very new and the museum hasn’t quite jelled yet, but the building is lovely. I’m sure by the end of the year, it will come together.

We had better luck at the Ara Cafe, named after the same guy and featuring a few of his photos. Then we headed out, Jen to work and I to the hotel to thaw out. Here are a few shots of the hotel garden — cool and relaxing in summer and in winter, just cold.

10 thoughts on “It’s Too Cold!

    1. So says Mr. Chicago. You’re probably braving 100mph winds and major snow drifts, even as you type this. It’s cold here, but not Chicago cold.


  1. The garden is so inviting. And that café, too!
    I raked leaves this afternoon and had to take off my sweater. 16 degrees. Opened the windows for a while. Very odd December temps.


        1. Oh yeah. I have photos of Istanbul in the snow. Apparently it doesn’t snow every year, but often enough. And to think I almost didn’t bring my heavy coat…

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