Time Out

I started thinking. Next thing I knew, it was a month later.

It’s time to change the blog. The original purpose, writing to my friends about how I am settling into France, is worn out. I’m as settled as I ever get.

The house is done. I have ignored all those requests for “before and after” posts. I have accumulated hundreds of photos, though, so I plan to do a series of posts showing each area. Nothing is truly done until you stop breathing. That includes my work on the house, so things will change, but the basics are there. You might as well see them.

I never did learn to sit still, so I’ll keep posting about the more interesting — if only to me — places that I go. Maybe it’s just that I’m writing on a snowy day, but I really want to see more of the south of France. After years of putting it off I plan to get to the big summer photography festival in Arles. It’s past time to visit friends around Carcassonne and in Provence.

Also it’s time I got serious about my own photography. I have noticed my work diverging from the simple documentary images that I post to something more abstract, I guess. I’m not sure where that is headed, nor can I encourage you to watch this space and find out. But stick with me, fair blog buddies. I enjoy having you around.