Visitor Season has begun. It looks like it’s going to be a long one this year.

Close observers of my life — I know you’re out there somewhere! — know that I inherited two grandsons. They are doing fine, thank you. One will start at UC Santa Cruz in fall and the other will be in his junior year at UC Davis.

The other, henceforth known as Moses, is doing a term at Oxford. Of course he spent spring break, part of it, anyway, in Paris and another few days at the house. The interesting part is that he brought half a dozen friends with him.

He wrote to me as if he couldn’t quite figure out why they’d want to tag along. Maybe because he was the only one who had been to France? Who had any idea how to get around Paris? Who had access to a house near the beach? Could that have anything to do with it?

It was great fun. They got an apartment through AirBNB. Even in Paris, where they are illegal, I guess they are still out there. After a few days they rented a car and we all drove down to the house. I felt like I was walking through outtakes from Jacques Tati’s movie “Playtime,” with its American tourists, wide-eyed and happy about everything. They didn’t have Art Buchwald to write their dialogue, but it was the same vibe. Improbable things would miraculously happen, always for the better. Things would go wrong, but would always work out. And in the end, they made the train that took them home.

Each of those kids — I’m old, 21 looks pretty young to me — was kind and courteous, thoughtful and interesting. If they wanted to come back next year, I’d be delighted to welcome them.

8 thoughts on “Visitors!

  1. Lynn

    That is quite a collection of very clean white sneakers! By their white purity, I assume that you did not put them to work weeding the garden.




  2. Hello! My daughter Emma was one of your visitors! I want to thank you so much for hosting her and sharing your home with her! She told me your home is beautiful and cozy and that you have the cutest dog. The pictures she sent me told a story of France from her young open eyes and I was full of envy. She of course is already making plans to get back to France and she hasn’t even returned home. Thank you again for having her!


    1. Emma was a delight. We rode together to something, I think the farewell dinner, so we had a chance to talk. She is welcome any time and if she wants to bring her mom, well, I’m sure she told you the house has plenty of space.


    2. Emma actually refered to your house as “a cozy mansion”. Of course before she told me about your house she had to tell me about your dog! She loved your dog ❤️You are very kind to extend an invitation and oh how wonderful that would be🏡

      Again thank you for giving Emma a very special memory of France that I know she will talk about forever.

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    1. Leg of lamb for the Easter dinner that we actually had on Good Friday. Jacques is still gnawing on the bone. And we were driving at dawn to get everyone back on the train, so he had no worries about having to wear bunny ears on Easter. Don’t tell Max, lest he pack a bag for France. But yeah, seven people vying for his attention: that’s Jacques’ idea of heaven. Treat heaven.


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