Extreme Knitting

I have fallen down the knitting rabbit hole. It’s the yarn. Apparently spinning and dyeing wool has become quite the cottage industry. The results are absolutely gorgeous. I need an excuse to immerse myself in all that textural richness. Knitting works just fine.

Then I found out about this knitting theoretician, Åsa Söderman. She actually constructs the sweater as she knits it. No more slabs of yarn that you sew together. It’s brilliant and what better way to hook an architect?

I swear, I have been wanting to post more photos of the house, all the gritty before, during and after stuff. I have the photos, too, but my haphazard workflow nonmethod has resulted in their being scattered over a phone, an iPad and umpty-dozen compter folders. Nightmare, but I will get back to it. For now the heat wave is on and I need a break.

So when I saw that Les Soeurs Anglaises were offering one of Sõderman’s workshops, I was in. They cook, they clean, they garden. They miraculously conjured, in this most contentious time, a little band of the most delightful, relaxed women I have ever met as fellow students. Based on what I’m seeing, you can forget meditation. Knitting is the way to inner peace. It’s all good, especially — did I mention the heat wave? — the pool.