Jacques Loves Summer

He does. Who can blame him? He is sitting on a picnic-blanket-sized towel made by an old friend, who is reviving the handwoven towel craft in rural Turkey. I took this on the terrace the other day — our first sunny day in quite a while. And if you find Jennifer’s Hamam (jenifershamam — If your Instagram feed is a full as mine, you’ll want to find it, look at all her photos, and like mine. Vote early and vote often!) on Instagram and vote for this picture, I just might win a few towels to help us all enjoy our summers a little more. No pressure. He’s so cute, I might win anyway.

7 thoughts on “Jacques Loves Summer

  1. M. Jacques definitely has that dog-at-his-leisure look down pat. He needs a nice, cool glass of sauvignon blanc to quaff. In future shots I can picture him stretched out by the pool like the star of a men’s cologne commercial. “Wet Dog” the new fragrance for pups by Giorgio Armani.”

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