Jacques Report

I was going to make this more of a Christmas post, but the weather is horrible and Jacques and I are bored.

My little Jacques Frost was going to play Jacques Brel this year. Santa suit? No effing way. Well, unless it’s really nice. He will be six on the 23rd, a well and truly grown dog, after all. Aye Marieke, he’s getting up there. So we put on his black turtleneck. I tried to get him all brushed and tidy. You can see how that went. Plus, really, another photo? He’ll do a lot of things for a treat, but he won’t do more than he has to; you’ll have to take my word for it that he’s looking very cool in his sweater, very scruffy wannabe bad boy. No interest in the gnomes: they don’t squeak and they are not edible.

He knew there would be treats in the end. Even better, he got a walk. Jacques actually knows the way to Pets Sweet Home, the local doggie candy store. He amazes me sometimes. We loaded up on future bribes. Jacques got in a little socializing. And that was the best part of our day.

If I don’t post again this year, merry whatever you celebrate. The best to you all.

14 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. With or without the sweater, the look says it all

    Wishing you and Jacques a wonderful holiday with many treats for Jacques!


    1. The weather is the least of it. We are in our 9th day of a transport strike, which is keeping me home even more than the weather. I’m not looking at Costa Rica, but Portugal, where a few of my friends are going, is calling to me. We shall see.

        1. No kidding. Why doesn’t that man communicate better? When the details leak out, the scheme doesn’t sound so bad — in need of tweaking, to be sure, but not actually horrible. So get the plan out there, so people can at least be upset based on the facts.

  2. Jacques Brel was Belgian so I guess he can be our favorite muscles from Brussels as well as chanson master. With the snazzy black sweater I was hoping you’d add a beret and a small pack of Gitanes rolled up in his sleeve but it sounds like he is having none of that nonsense. Money player – give me the treats.

    1. Strictly a money player — or cheese, whichever comes first. Do they still sell Gitanes? A mini-pack would be way cool. Apparently the cigs themselves were foul, but the graphics, yes, beyond excellent.

      1. Yeah, both Gitanes and Gauloises had that “too cool for school” vibe going with their packaging. Absolutely vile ciggies (surprisingly I found that most Gauloises are now made in Poland) that I think are banned in the USA because the black tobacco in them is more carcinogenic than the blonde tobaccos in other brands. But it looks like one can still get them in France although why one would want to is a mystery.

    1. Thank you! Coming from you, that’s high praise. Regarding the transit strike, the bus service has improved. Things aren’t as bad as they were. Also, Paris is a city of neighborhoods. I can walk to good markets and even to a fair amount of Christmas shopping. There is a movie theater around the corner and and a live theater a couple of blocks away. So for a while, we’ll be okay.

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