Almost Easter

I was hoping to gloat over my assured triumph in the Grand Tomato-Off, but, you’ll see, that may not be so certain. So let’s do something else. Here is a peek at my heroic efforts to shore up the locked-down economy. Heroic, I say. It turns out that avoiding Amazon turns up some interesting alternatives.

And, well, then there is the tomato thing. Julien did the paperwork necessary to get blanket permission to work. Yesterday he brought over tomato plants started by a teacher at his kids’ school. This is the good one. The others may be goners. The plants he is starting for me might arrive next week. So I’m thinking hmm, it’s April. I still have time. Maybe. As Lance Armstrong used to say, it’s where you finish that counts. A little performance-enhancing fertilizer might just do the trick.

5 thoughts on “Almost Easter

  1. Sneaky beings, the Ice Saints…going under different names and dates depending on the area…
    Yes, friends are telling me about the wild variations in weather over the last few years – nothing predictable at all.


  2. Wow, that’s an amazingly weak looking tomato. Looks like some bug got to one of he leaves, too. Probably needs a bit more acidic soil as well. OK, I’m done talking smack on you ‘tater plant. For now. But I’m giving fair warning: as the tomato challenge progresses, so will my trash talk. Meanwhile, just to clearly demonstrate how dumb I can be, when I first looked at your photo I thought the ribbon saying “fait main” actually said “fat man” and I thought, “How nice, she’s making something for me.”


    1. Yeah, something is up with the tomatoes this year. Last year her stuff was dynamite. I thought I was good to go, especially with those cage-eating rats you have over there. Julien tells me my own sprouts have barely put out true leaves. And don’t get me started on the fruit trees. This is their second year and I’m watering them. In April. Well, time and fertilizer. If only plants would plump out the way we do. « Fat Man: It’s da Bomb » They could use some of that.


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