Checking In

It’s almost fall. That seems so crazy. It’s not as if nothing has happened.

In the real world, RBG, RIP. Am I worried about what comes next? You betcha. In my world, I might possibly have sold the rental house, for the second time, don’t want to jinx it but maybe, maybe. We have a new house guest, this time a young man from Afghanistan who left 15 years ago and has yet to find asylum. He’s almost legal, here in France, and finds our guest room to be a step up from the rat-infested basements and all where he has been staying. Supposedly he is about a month away from finalizing the paperwork. Hope so.

I know I have been promising you photos of the house. Before and after, all that. I’m getting there, sort of. Where my motivation has been sidelined by overthinking, mainly, my friend Roger Stowell has stepped up. I encourage you to search Instagram for roger.stowell.35, where you will find his take on the place, along with the many other images that he posts. Brilliant guy. Please like, comment, subscribe, etc. Let’s keep him going.

8 thoughts on “Checking In

    1. There, there, you can always get it… Roger does have a blog. He is given to hilarious and curmudgeonly rants, which make for excellent entertainment. I forget the name but if you Google Roger Stowell, it should show up. Also he has a deal with Getty Images and all. If the photos are actually published somewhere, I’ll be sure to tell everybody.


      1. Or…you could just post the photos and stories on your blog. Huh? Huh? Huh? OK, that was too harsh. 😅 I actually found his eebsite and some photos that looked suspiciously like Chez Jacques but they were not identified. I’ll look around for the blog since you are being recalcitrant. I mean, busy. 😛


        1. Wow, folks, one folk at least, are crying out. “Get to the reveal scene, already!” With my readership, one is a lot. So, time to focus.

          Roger is in charge of his own photos. Not likely you’ll see them on my blog. I think the ones you see on his blog are mostly of his own house. I don’t have a pool so, pool, that’s Roger and Jenny’s place. Orange walls, well-kept decorative plants, that’s at their house. In general their place is tidy and well-organized. Mine is a tip in a garden that looks like, best case, dystopian chic.

          So how about this? Every so often — starting soon, I swear! — I’ll stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I’ll post some before, any Before, not necessarily the best shot, and any After, not tell myself that once that counter is cleared off, or whatever, I can take the perfect After shot. I’ll use iPad snaps if necessary, so I don’t wait around to process those fancy RAW images, dumb them down into 30KB jpegs. Does that work for you?


          1. Yay! :celebrations and street dancing: Camera snaps are great, at least for me, because I want to see what you’ve done and steal all your ideas which I shall later claim as my own. Include Jacques for scale!


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