Merry, Happy Whatever

Here he is, fresh from the groomer, looking nothing like a guy who’d rather be digging up the rose bed. So sneaky.

It’s time to wish you all a happy whatever it is you celebrate. Celebrate something, please, it doesn’t matter what. Celebrate everything. Isn’t it time for Solstice ceremonies about now?

It has been a rough year. I don’t even want to think about it. But Jacques and I will be spending Christmas with Jean-Yves’ brother and his family. They demanded that I bring Jacques, he being basically the only critter that one can snuggle up to without fear of catching some dread disease. On my last visit there was a brief return of the bise but now — new wave, new variant — I suspect that’s over.

Home again, home again, for the new year and friends over for lunch. Will Jacques manage to stay bright white for that long? I doubt it.

I have a new project that will take up most of next year. I don’t want to jinx it, so I won’t say a word until and unless it becomes official. So we’ll see. And don’t worry. I won’t sell you anything or ask for a donation. It’s going to be fun, though, at least for me.

Well, two projects. I’m finally going to do something with the front garden. You’ll be seeing a lot of that.

So, 2022 looks better than 2021, at least from this vantage point. I intend to celebrate my way right through the end of this awful year. I’ll spend a few days pretending it has all been just fine. I hope you will, too.

12 thoughts on “Merry, Happy Whatever

  1. Doesn’t he look splendid!
    Glad you have company… . even if ‘bise’less…with whom to see the year out and in…and just warn the incoming one that we expect a higher standard of service this time around.

    Good luck with your projects…even better luck if one of them is to overthrow the government – any government! Look forward to hearing about one of them at least in the coming year.

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  2. Merry Merry to you too Lynn. Pooch is spectacular…makes me think I had better drag our mutt in to the shower for a Holiday Freshen-up! Have a great New year! XOXO Susan
    PS. Hope you are getting some knitting finished!


    1. I actually knitted a couple of things as gifts. If you knew how many mistakes I used to make, you’d know what progress that represents. Jacques is spectacular, isn’t he. We just got back from a dinner where he spent the whole meal playing with the little girl at the next table. I think her parents were happy to have a meal in peace.


    1. Same to you. I said and meant celebrate, but that plays out as pulling old friends close, being totally grateful for their presence in my life. My guess is that this year, we’re all doing that.

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  3. Well, here you are! Once again I lost you completely in WordPress without notifications or updatrs or anything. Happy Holidays recently past. Jacques is looking mighty fine but I see in his eyes that he has already planned a way to sneak back into the garden for a little rodent hunting. Glad to hear you have a mysterious new project that’s got you interested and excited in 2022.


    1. Rodents. If only. Yesterday he ran in the house, right past me and up the stairs with something in his mouth. A bone, I thought, and let it go. But no. A few minutes later he ran back down the steps and out, with the object, a long-dead pigeon, still in his mouth. I have no idea what happened to it. All I know for sure is that his new dog door is a mixed blessing.


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