Fasten your seats belts…..

Well, guys, there is work to be done. I’m afraid none of us will be enjoying it and it will certainly take longer than a bumpy night.

Any of you who have your own blog know that WordPress has gotten weird. Prices are up, service is down. I could stop blogging, but that would be no fun.

So I’m going to move everything from my current WordPress hosting to Go Daddy. The price is about the same, and all the services will be under one roof. Plus I can reach Go Daddy on the phone. At WordPress you send an email, then wait a day or so for an answer. I have been trying to resolve the issue that had my site offline until now. Waiting for the WordPress response, along with the price and service changes, convinced me that it was time to go.

That’s the news. Please be patient. Once it’s done, I’ll let you know how it went.

It makes me miss books.

3 thoughts on “Fasten your seats belts…..

  1. WP has become a shower of excrement…as a mild example their damn fool ‘click on the icon to log in’ to comment when you are aready logged in, not only pointless, it doesn’t always work. Their clunky paragraph system drives me mad….and it does not take much these days when I am so tired to make me throw up a proposed blog.
    Good luck with Go Daddy….and don’t lose touch!


    1. I agree. They have broken a perfectly serviceable app. I’m hoping that moving the whole thing to GoDaddy, even though it will still be basically a WordPress blog, will solve some of these problems. Don’t worry. I won’t lose touch. I’d miss you guys!

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