Uh oh

Well. I’m about to have a lovely Easter lunch, but I can see that something has gone very wrong with the site. WordPress has dumped us all onto Jetpack and editing is now a nightmare. I’m going to enjoy my day and try to work it out later. Have patience all…..

Not really riots

So, I’ve been looking at the papers trying to figure out what is up with the demonstrations in Paris. I’m actually in Paris right now, so I had dinner with my friend Danica. As always, Danica was in the thick of it, taking pictures. She showed me a few that were pretty grim. Apparently she was teargassed a couple of times. Her general take was that the cops were more aggressive than the demonstrators who, to quite an extent, were aware of the theatrical aspect of a demonstration and had some fun with that. here are a couple of photos she shared with me.