Buy — or Rent — a Summer House!

Hey. Wanna buy a house? How about renting it? No, not the one I write about, the one I want to sell.

In a fit of crazy-widow madness I bought an absolutely charming house in a tiny village in the coastal Vendée. It was built in the late 19th century to house the priests who ran the village church and school. Any sane person would have stopped with this one but I bought two, count ’em, two. I am doubling down on my madness and selling the smaller, more manageable one to help pay for the glorious money pit down the road. While I wait for a buyer, I am making it available for rent.

The coastal Vendée is the fashionable part of the area, at least as fashionable as Vendée gets. The beach towns are about half an hour away. This works for me as I don’t get the crowds in summer or the deserted streets and closed shops in winter. I don’t get the rust on the car, outdoor fixtures and furniture but I do get the softer marine climate. Also it puts visitors that much closer to every other attraction: Puy du Fou, the water park, the adventure parks, all kinds of things. The 2018 Tour de France will pass nearby on both the first and second days of the race.

The village, Saint-Cyr-en-Talmondais, has a Michelin-listed restaurant that welcomes folks stopping by for an apero, as well as serving excellent meals. It has a routier, the sort of cafe that will feed you more than you can eat for maybe 12 euros, wine included. The bakery has a bit of extra food on offer. A free public tennis court is at the end of my street. Luçon, the nearest city of any size, is about 10 km away and has a train station, supermarkets, smaller shops, more restaurants, all that sort of thing. The TGV runs to La Roche-sur-Yon which is about half an hour away. The closest ferry lands at Saint Malo. There are airports at Nantes, La Rochelle and Poitiers.

The house is super-private, on a one-way street. It has a huge back garden with a pond, many trees and a boules court. There is off-street outdoor parking for three cars plus a garage (shown in the video) that will hold maybe two more cars, plus a workshop area and a laundry/utility room.

The gite potential is considerable but I value my privacy, so I have done nothing about it. The rental situation is also pretty good, as it rents readily for the summer season and at the Easter break. Indian summer in Vendée is glorious. I notice that Puy du Fou is gradually becoming a year-round venture. If they can do it, I hope to do it as well.

So. The house itself is probably not quite 200 sq. meters. Upstairs are four large bedrooms and two bathrooms. Downstairs is a refurbished kitchen with separate dining area, a big living room with working fireplace and a WC. The kitchen and living room open onto a huge south-facing terrace with awnings. The roof is sound. The walls are freshly painted. Everything works. It’s a nice place.

If you are interested in buying and prefer doing business in French, please contact my realtor, Brigitte Jousse, Bleu Azur: 8 place des Acacias, Luçon —, 33-(0)9-63-06-20-97. Bleu Azur handles sales only, in French only. I honestly forget what it is listed for, but something north of 260,000 euros. Obviously the price will be lower if you buy directly from me. They don’t have an exclusive, so there are no ethical or legal worries regarding buying from me.

The weekly rent ranges from 700-1200 euros per week, depending on the season. If you are interested, please contact me at saintcyrrental at gmail dot com.