I have competition!

Check out the Chateau Gudanes: http://www.chateaugudanes.com.

Forget the maison bourgeoise, which is what I own. These people are truly ambitious. They chose a real-deal, full-bore chateau. My house was unoccupied for two years, theirs for four. Mine is a bit of a pit, never very nicely detailed, never listed. Their house? Grade 1 listed and replete with amazing, worm-eaten detail. I can replace; they must restore. My little acre is really just a decent garden for a house the size of mine. They have so much land that they must have some Plan B for maintenance; my Plan A, a lawnmower and some pruning shears, would have no chance. I live in nice, forgiving beach town conditions; they have mountains and snow.

Chapeau, guys. Now this is an adventure. And good luck to your portfolio; may it thrive. You’ll be needing every euro.

Tomorrow I’ll drive south again. It’s time to pull out the camera.