Future Mud Room

mud room
I’m about to get busy, so I’ll do another post right away.
This area will change quite a bit. This is at the front of the house, but to the side. The door straight ahead leads to a utility room which will become the mud room; a lot of mud gets tracked in, so I want to contain it. So. The door and shutter will be refurbished. To your left in this image will be a ramp that will lead to a terrace, which will be at floor level. Those steps will be pulled forward. The wall to the right will have a window and a door which will open to the kitchen. Up above, that curved shutter will be fixed up but will otherwise still look about like that. All this sad black and tan will give way to basically tan.
Those bedding plants might be relocated or might be sacrificed to the cause. I like species fuchsias and yellow roses, just not right in the middle of my terrace. I love the glass awning but my architect keeps whining about safety issues. Really, when it looks like that, who cares? We’ll be careful, honest! So we’ll see. Maybe that will be relocated, too.