Waiting, waiting…

Olivier and Marie-Claude
While we wait for things to get going, I thought I’d let you take a look at Olivier and Marie-Claude, the folks who got me into this. They have had their house in the Vendee for decades now. When I get to be their age, I hope to be able to say that about myself, as well. These two are as delightful as they appear to be. I am pleased to count them as friends.
So we have a tentative start date of 10 June, less than two weeks from now. First comes demolition, of course. They will rip out the entire floor on the ground floor level. Then they will remove the old oil boiler and old geothermal compressor from the basement. I imagine other odds and ends will come out, as well. I should dig up a photo of the existing kitchen; none of it will be missed. Right now we are in the final stages of lining up the ducks and then we’re off! I can’t wait.