So Jacques and I were walking down the Avenue Breteuil, minding our own business, when we came upon this, a herd of sheep, not more than a football field away from the Invalides. Look behind you and you see a gilded dome. Look to the right and left and you see fancy shops, apartments and Jacques’ vet’s office. Look ahead and, appropriately enough, you see a monument to Louis Pasteur. So maybe a herd of sheep grazing right there in the middle is not so out of place, after all.

Honestly, I have my doubts about the ecological value of managing the grass with sheep. Does it really take less gas to truck these guys in than to run a lawnmower? Out at the house, though, I would love to find a service like this. I’d actually get a sheep or three but I probably would not be around enough to take proper care of them. 

So we looked on, I with envy and Jacques with curiosity, as the sheep slowly munched their way over to get a look at the little white furry critter who was looking back; I was of no interest to them at all. Then we moved on. Another day in Paris.

3 thoughts on “Sheep!

  1. Forget the fuel, sheep are way cooler than lawnmowers. And once they’re in town I’m sure there are plenty of places to mow.

    I saw this before in Colorado with goats. I was so excited that I tracked the owner down (not an easy task) to get the scoop. He was very forthcoming, knowing I wasn’t any competition. It was not lucrative and very time consuming. But they can get into all the nooks and crannies on even the steepest of hillsides.




    1. Hillsides are in short supply in the Vendee, as you know. However it turns out that my soil is fairly rocky. My gardener is after me to drop some huge amount to churn the rocks under, pull up stumps, etc. Or I could watch the sheep, who would likely not be the least bit concerned by those things.


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